Wax on, Wax off

Mr. Miyagi taught us the key to life – wax on, wax off. But, does that lesson still apply today? At Garrett Automotive, we think the answer is still a resounding, yes – both literally and figuratively, but we’ll stick to the literal sense in today’s blog.

Car WaxDo You Need to Wax Your Car?

In the beginning, waxing your car was necessary to protect the paint job, because your car’s paint job was simply that – a coat of paint. There was nothing in it formulated to protect against scratches or against the elements and everyday wear in the sun and weather. Waxing was necessary to give your car that glossy shine and to protect it from potential damage to the color and to protect against rust.

As technology has evolved, so has the chemical makeup of paints and clear coats. Now, a primer is applied to the car first, then the paint, and on top of it all a clear coat. This clear coat is able to take the UV light, exhaust, dirt, rain, bugs, and whatever other damage the environment wants to try to throw at it. If you’re not particularly concerned with the appearance of your paint, you couldn’t never wax your car – just keep it washed – and it would be just fine. But, if you want to keep your car looking shiny and new as long as you can, you could wax it four times and year and give it a spray coat of wax in between to keep it glossy.

If you’re not overly obsessive but you’d like to keep your car in good shape, wax it twice a year. Once before winter and once in the spring. The coat of wax will help protect the clear coat from the harsh elements and will give your car a beautiful shine all season long!

To keep your car not only looking great, but running great too, bring it to your neighborhood car mechanic, Garrett Automotive! Schedule your appointment today. 

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